■GIGABYTE■Ultrablade Gaming Laptops P35K/ P34G – Slim yet Extremely Powerful

P35K – The 15.6-inch P35K Ultrablade with the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor is designed for true mobility. Just 21mm thin and weighing ~2.2kgs, packed with a powerful GTX 765M gaming graphics this machine is geared for gamers and 3D designers alike. Having unlimited storage capacity with a quad-storage system that supports up to 3TB of space to store all your files and stuff, the storage provides ample Terabytes! Enjoy DVDs on your Ultrablade with the swappable DVD-ROM/HDD Slot on a 1080p FHD IPS display providing the perfect viewing pleasure for users. The P35K from GIGABYTE is its most stunning gaming laptop ever.
P34G – Gorgeous on the outside and inside, the 14-inch P34G Ultrablade with a GTX 760M gaming graphics weighs ~1.7 kgs and at 21mm thin is designed for users looking for extreme mobility yet packing a powerful punch. Thin and powerful it supports up to a 256GB mSATA SSD and a large 1TB HDD in its incredibly slim and lightweight chassis. Enjoy 1080p Full HD display that makes for excellent viewing pleasure, coupled with flagship gaming specifications; the P34G is perfect for gamers, university students, designers and businesspeople yearning for entertainment and mobility. The P34G Ultrablade marks GIGABYTE's first foray into the 14-inch gaming laptop.(130604 TCA/TOKYO)